Solid Sterling silver vintage Jill MacKay Spiral Trellis bead frame DIY Bracelet Kit.  This Bead frame was a small feet of engineering at the time I designed and manufactured them in Thailand. It was a time before 3D printers and had to be carved by hand from wax, and then lost wax cast. When these kits are gone so are  the remaining sterling, Chrisolite bead frame. These are the last 5 that I have. I have been going through and making curated kits from the last few of my older components and findings, that I still had a few of to make my curated kits.


This kit includes:

1- Sterling silver Bead frame with  4 set Chrysolite 3mm swarovski stones

1-8mm Tanzanite AB 8mm bicone (for bead frame)

2- 10mm Olivine AB Swarovski crystal (round) beads

1 Strand of 4mm Etched Magic orchid smooth, round druks, 50 beads

6- 6mm Magic orchid smooth , round, druks

1 - Antique silver toggle clasp

10 inches of Beadalon 49 strand beading wire

2 -#2 sterling crimp tubes


I'm working on a video showing how to string this bracelet. Other than that, this kit comes with no instructions. 



Chrisolite Spring Spiral Bracelet Kit

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