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Crystal AB Hot fix banding / sheet, Size 10SS  


Entire sheet is 15.75"(L) x 9.25" (W)

There are 134 stones per row (L) 


Perfectly placed crystals on hot fix backing. For easy to cut and iron on application. Use scissors to cut the length you desire, and then simply iron on with a small craft iron, or regular size iron. Ironing for 10 seconds per section (and by section I mean the area your iron is covering, moving along until each row or rows has been heated in place).  Let cool. Crystal banding will be permanently secured to leather, cloth, ribbon and more. Order as many rows as you would like, or purchase the entire sheet and add it to your jewelry making, or craft stash. It's easy to work with and adhere's permanently, with strong hold.

Purchase by the row. One row will be 15.75"  and have 134 crystals
Two rows then would be same length but double the crystals.

Please email me if you are interested in a full sheet, or many rows.


Swarovski quit making the crystal banding they used to sell which was super expensive. So I have been working with a manufacturer to produce this for us, as I LOVE this stuff. It's VERY sparkly! Bring on your bling!!


Crystal AB Hot Fix Banding

SKU : Hot fix crystal banding
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