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Open Work Cuff Two Die Set - One base Movers & Shaper die and matching intricate Thinlit for perfect layering and design. Use the Steel rule die will easily cut both thickneses of leather as well as fabric, chipboard and more. Thinlit die will cut lambskin leather and paper. Must use Movers & Shaper shuttle and cutting pad with the Movers & Shapers die (steel rule die) for cutting heavy leather and use the Precision Base Plate and cutting pad with thinner lambskin leather. Sizes: Steel rule die-7.25 x 2 1/8" Thinlit- 17/8" x 7.25" (Works with Bracelet Connector #660624)

ITEM 660593 | Movers & Shapers™ Magnetic Die w/Thinlits - Open Work Bracelet

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