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AMAZING find! Hnd facted, free form Aquamarine AB large nugget bead strands. No two are alike as every bead is a different shape and size. These are large nuggets but not dense or sharp like bulky squarish nuggets you'll find elsewhere. After being hand faceted they are placed in to a vacuum deposition chamber is a processes used to deposit layers of material atom-by-atom or molecule-by-molecule on a solid surface. In this case the AB coating is Titanium. Which adds a beautiful AB that simply adds to the stones beauty. Nugget sizes range from 12-20mm and some with largest stones are 20-30mm.  There are a minimum of 3 blue stones and the rest range from yellowish to greenish. LIMITED QUANTITY.

LARGE Faceted Aquamarine AB Nugget Strands

Rupture de stock
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