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This kit is beginner friendly.  I will debut this kit on Wednesday 5/22/24 at 2:00pm on my FB page & YT channel.  Comes with everything you need except a needle and scissors. 

Link to Video tutorial here:



2 - Table cut 8mm sky blue/silver finish fire polish

12 - Chalk blue Superduos

10 - Opal Aqual matte blue Superduos

10 - 4mm Bicone Light  sapphire AB2X Preciosa crystals

65 - 11/0 Sillver seed beads

2 - Short Leg ear wires

2 - 4mm Sterling silver jump rings

36 Inches of blue Wildfire

Sapphire Sparkle Earring Kit

SKU : Sapphire Sparkle Earring Kit
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